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10th House Rising
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10th House Rising

Tenth House Rising is a community and platform designed for those wishing to chase their life's purpose and monetize their passions. With a focus on manifesting, connection, and support, this space is for budding entrepreneurs, those in the beginning phases of their business, and those with a desire to develop an idea. 

Created by Holistic Business & Jungian Life Coach Shelby Bundy, the courses and offerings within this community combine magick and practicality in a way that resonates with spiritual entrepreneurs. While structured around the astrological house system, 10th House Rising also leans into tarot, divination, and intuition. With an archetypal approach to the cosmos and cards, we embrace Jungian Psychology and dive into Shadow Work as part of the growth process. Here, we believe in the magick of our words and in the magick of community.

Small Group Coaching

Holistic Business Course

The Holistic Business Course is currently being offered in a small group coaching setting. The program includes four 90-minute sessions with a max of 3 people per group, allowing for personal attention and feedback on your business plan, idea of current state. Along with instruction and coaching, Shelby also shares the resources and connections that have helped her build Tamed Wild.

Within this program we discuss 12 topics of business creation and growth, including but not limited to:

  • Logo & Branding
  • Social Media & Email Marketing
  • Product Creation & Costing
  • Collaboration & Community 

    Sessions begin the first week of August and meeting times will be decided once the group is formed.

    This offering also includes the 260+ page 10th House Rising Workbook.

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