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10th House Rising
Coaching & Community

Manifest your goals with group coaching, daily support & community. This space is here to help you monetize your passion & grow with intent. Community, live cohorts & self paced courses available.

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10th House Rising

Tenth House Rising is a community and platform designed for those wishing to chase their life's purpose and monetize their passions. With a focus on manifesting, connection, and support, this space is for budding entrepreneurs, those in the beginning phases of their business, and those with a desire to develop an idea. 

Created by Holistic Business & Jungian Life Coach Shelby Bundy, the courses and offerings within this community combine magick and practicality in a way that resonates with spiritual entrepreneurs. While structured around the astrological house system, 10th House Rising also leans into tarot, divination, and intuition. With an archetypal approach to the cosmos and cards, we embrace Jungian Psychology and dive into Shadow Work as part of the growth process. Here, we believe in the magick of our words and in the magick of community.

There are two different offerings of this program

Manifesting & Coaching Community

Life is easier when you have people in your corner and support in your endeavors. Manifesting is powerful in a group; sometimes, you just need like minds to bounce ideas. That is what this community is for; building each other up and holding each other accountable. Members receive access to weekly video meetups, astrology check-ins, workbooks, webinars & group coaching.

Membership Includes:

  • Moon-Day Check-ins: Weekly 40-minute live group coaching.
  • Moderated Discussion Boards: Share ideas, ask questions & get inspired. Boards are moderated by Shelby and her team and include multiple topics surrounding business, manifesting & creation of life purpose.
  • Live Chat room to connect with others in the community
  • Monthly 60 Minute Webinar / Virtual Meetup
  • Daily Astrological Guidance
  • Group Challenges & Goal Tracking
  • Extras: PDF downloads, group workshops & other seasonal offerings

Membership: $40/Month, after 2 weeks FREE TRIAL.

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Holistic Business Course

The Holistic Business Course is designed to meet you where you are in your business, regardless of how far along that is. From the idea phase to the re-evaluation of current operations, this program was created to support you in creating the business success you deserve. As a blend of coaching & consulting, I aim to offer you guidance and support while encouraging self-exploration.

Content topics include:

  • Branding & Visual 
  • Finances, Resources & Costing
  • Manifesting, Marketing & Social Media
  • Shadow Work & Limiting Beliefs in Business
  • Verbiage, Website Design & Photography
  • Employees & Contractors
  • Business Relationships & Collaboration
  • Transformation & (Re)Birth in Business
  • Growth & Expansion
  • Showing Up: Book Writing, Podcasts & Embracing Your Strengths
  • Collective & Giving Back
  • Looking Inward, Reflecting Outward
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